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What Are the Best Sportsbooks to Bet on Cricket


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the Commonwealth. English Empire spread this beautiful sport across the world and some of their former colonies are now neck and neck, or even better than them! Cricket became more competitive than ever, and that's the primary reason why it captured attention from bettors all around the world, even outside the traditional cricket countries.

In this article, we will show you how to find the best sportsbook for betting on cricket. As you probably know, one of the most important things is to hear the voice of gamblers themselves, and wegamble offers great expertise in that field. 

How to Recognize the Best Cricket Sportsbook


Even experienced bettors can make a huge error when they are transitioning to a new sport. They probably know what is the best sportsbook for betting on their favorite sport, but when they try something else, they might be inert and presume that the same sportsbook has the same conditions for different games and sports, and that's rarely the case.

The sportsbook which is the best for betting on football might be terrible when it comes to cricket and vice-versa. Therefore, to recognize the best sportsbook for betting on cricket, you have to start from the basics.

The first condition is obvious but often overlooked. To be a candidate, the sportsbook must offer a wide coverage of cricket wagers. There is no use in betting on that site if their offer is not good enough. While that is obvious for betting on the favorite sports, if you decide to bet on some niche sport, you need to explore all betting options first, and then decide where to put your wagers.

Competitive lines are another obvious condition, but if you are not familiar with betting on cricket, you should always check betting margins before you bet. An avid football bettor would know are the lines good or bad just by looking at them, but you shouldn't practice the "eye-test" on sports you are not that familiar with.

Safety, security, banking options, good customer service, and similar things affect the overall quality of the sportsbook, it is not only related to cricket. However, you shouldn't register on some site even if it gives the best possibilities for betting on cricket if those basic conditions are not fulfilled (the sportsbook is not secure, or has a history of slow payment processing).

Last, but not the least, is checking which cricket bets are available on the site. Most sportsbooks offer only basic To Win bets, but in big tournaments, you can profit the most from betting on the series winner or outright winner. The best sportsbooks have also top batsman, top bowler, and man of the match bets.

Top 5 Cricket Sportsbooks


There are quite enough sportsbooks that check most of the conditions we previously mentioned, but here we will talk about the best from the best.

First, we should mention 1XBet, definitely one of the prime targets for cricket lovers. One of the biggest advantages of this site is live betting, where you can follow ball-by-ball live-action, and react fast with your bets. This is a very secure site, legal in over 50 countries.

22Bet is another prime candidate for cricket bettors. The offer of cricket matches is great, and if you register, you will get a welcome bonus of EUR 300, which is the best bonus in the niche of cricket focused sportsbooks.

BetWinner has great odds and a huge variety of cricket betting matches, and this is the go-to place for all high-rollers. They also have a section that is dedicated to past match results, which is neat, although you may find that elsewhere, of course.

Betway is a huge name and one of the sportsbooks you can use for betting on almost any sport. They don't excel in anything though, except in offering dedicated cricket promotions.

Bet365 is similar to Betway - a huge sportsbook, which still gives something extra to their customers. In this case, they offer several unique cricket betting variants.



Betting on cricket might be straightforward, but we hope that you will evaluate all your options before registering and betting after reading this article. News about the teams will of course help you with choosing the perfect bet, and there is no better source than Cricket World.